01 Jan 2020

Understanding IFRS for SMEs Adoption

International Financial Reporting Standards, usually called IFRSs are accounting standards developed and promoted by the

14 Oct 2019

Debt Sustainability & Economic Development

Defined by (Economic Times – Debt Financing, 2019) Debt means the amount of money which

20 Jun 2019

2019 Budget Highlight

The theme for the 2018/19 Budget Speech is “Creating jobs, Transforming lives– Harnessing the “Big

19 Jul 2018

Role of Accounting

Accounting and the finance function have traditionally been identified as leaders in providing information for

14 Jun 2018

2018 Budget Brief

The theme for the 2018/19 Budget Speech is “Creating jobs, transforming lives and sharing prosperity.”

15 May 2017

Why your Organization Needs an External Auditor

External auditors are independent persons or registered bodies, who inspect companies’ financial and accounting records

02 Apr 2017

Kenya Economic Outlook

Real GDP growth was a robust 5.8% in 2016, driven mainly by services (which accounted