Careful and innovative financial thinking is the strength of any organization’s business strategy. As a sparring partner, we provide a broad range of advice to our clients.

  • Project Feasibility Studies: Preparing project feasibility studies to ensure that new project expansions being undertaken are feasible, viable and sustainable over the long run. This involves identifying what a certain course of action, whether financial or strategic, will cost in real terms, and how it will impact the project.
  • Business Valuations: Valuing business and their individual components. The type of valuation depends on the nature of the exercise such as acquisition, restructuring, shareholder buyout, tax appeal or litigation.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Providing advice on complex equity and corporate deals and ensuring clients maximize deal value and reduce risk. This involves understanding the implications and guiding the client through every aspect of the transactions from identifying appropriate targets, structuring deals and raising finance.
  • Due Diligence: Involves an independent verification on a merger or take over of the financial, legal and functional aspects of a business to provide assurance to the merging party or the party taking over on the current state of the business.
  • Venture Capital, Project Finance & Stock Exchange Listing Services: Facilitating and advising on the raising of capital by identifying potential investors through private placement or the capital markets in East Africa.
  • Business Recovery Services: Providing advice on how to turn around a business with declining earnings or liquidity problems. Involves complex restructuring exercises and advice on diversification and divestment. Receiverships, liquidations and scheme of arrangements are areas that fall under this category.
  • Leasing – An Effective Tool for Asset Finance: Providing specialized advice on the accounting, taxation, and commercial, regulatory and modeling aspects of leasing.
  • Financial Disputes, Investigations & Arbitration: Quantification of losses due to fraud, corporate irregularities, insurance claims and litigation. Advising on how to minimize disruption and cost of disputes. Settling of disputes outside the court process.
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Throughout history, businesses have needed to record their transactions and measure results. Current national and international audit standards,



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