The Kenyan tax system features corporate and personal income tax, value added tax on goods and services, customs and excise duties, and stamp duty. There are also a number of statutory levies and social security payments. Taxes are collected by self-assessment and by withholding tax on payments to residents and non-residents.

Employers are obliged to withhold and account for income tax on employee remuneration and benefits (the PAYE system). Penalties and interest on non-compliance and late payment of taxes are onerous, and the Kenya Revenue Authority conducts regular audits and investigations of taxpayers.

Our approach to delivery of services involves developing deep expertise and understanding of the industries in which our clients operate. We deliver cutting edge tax solutions to some of Kenya’s most prestigious companies. We are a “one stop shop” when it comes to tax services. We are one of very few practices in Kenya that handles all matters and aspects of a tax practice, both domestic and foreign.

    1. Tax Consulting and Solutions (TCS)

Tax, legal and regulatory developments increasingly impact upon the operations of multinationals. Identifying and adapting to these changes are critical to growth and success. Kiguru & Associates corporate tax group has extensive experience in domestic and international tax planning and can help you to structure your business to achieve tax efficiency.

Tax Reporting and Strategy (TRS)

    a)Preparation, review and filing of tax computations
    b) Tax health checks
    c) Monthly Withholding tax filing
    1. d) KRA audit and review suppor

Indirect Taxes – Planning and Compliance (ITX)

    a) VAT reviews and planning
    b) VAT compliance assurance reviews

Indirect Taxes – Customs and Excise (ITX)

    a) Excise duty compliance support
    b) Customs duty compliance support
    c) Offering training on Customs and Excise matters
    d) Tariff classification advisory
    e) Advice on Rules of Origin (ROOs)
    f) Customs Post Clearance Audit (PCA) support
    g) Customs and Excise duty tax planning on set up of business in Kenya
    h) Customs and Excise tax controversy and dispute resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution – ADR, Tax Appeals Tribunal – TAT, East African Community Customs Directorate/ Court of Justice)
    i) Supply chain planning for Customs (under Value Chain Transformation)
    j) Compliance support under Customs duty exemption schemes
    k) General Customs and Excise tax advisory (ad hoc)


Educational Services

Business Consultancy

We deliver business solutions to the widest range of industries and the most complex business situations. We believe that



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Educational Services

Standards Compliance

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